About World Premium Foods

World Premium Foods is historically an international food export company operating from Rungis. This activity enabled us to meet inONE and with an exclusivity to develop its presence in France. This new activity has allowed us to understand the growing importance of new technologies in food the industry but also expand our contact book throughout France. This is why, we market and sell foreign and French products throughout the food market in France.

The company is therefore divided into several poles: export, new technologies, and the sales development of certain food products. Thus, World Premium Foods is positioned as a true expert in the food sector.

What we can bring you:

An address book that will allow us to quickly find you solutions

A transparent work with wholesalers and our customers

An awareness of the evolution of society allowing us to offer solutions at the forefront of new technologies

An adaptability and flexibility to market constraints and customer demands

A strong desire and motivation to make every opportunity a success for our partners

We base our activity on integrity, transparency and reliability. It is with these values that we bring you a working environment where we fully respect the integrity of our suppliers and customers, while being completely transparent about the way we work. You will be in contact with a dedicated team, reliable and passionate about what we can offer to the actors of the food sector.