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World Premium Foods is happy to introduce a proven, user-friendly IT platform that will allow you to source the freshest products with just a few clicks. Our platform is customized to enable hotels and restaurants to pick products, create product lists and send orders in just a few steps.

Here are some of the upfront advantages, our platform can provide you:

Better view on you activity: Through analysis and reporting, you can have a better understanding on your activity and the food market. You will now be able to monitor your food purchasing activity all year long.

Up to its time: To access it, all you need is a username and password, no software installation! You can order, check your inventory, use all the tools of the platform using your computer, but also your phone, and tablets (works with apple, and android).

Up-to-date: Access to daily prices and promotions. We do not take any margins on products, the price you see is the price they set . Suppliers provide us with their assortment of products and prices on a day to day basis. If you already have signed contracts with suppliers, no problems we fix the price you negotiated for you in the platform. Become aware of daily new promotions your suppliers offer on your news feed.

Freedom of choice: Be in direct contact with the suppliers you want to work with. We do not promote any suppliers specifically, but we can make a selection for you as desired.

FREE: There are absolutely now financial commitment to subscribe to our platform.

More than just an e-commerce platform where you can order your products online, it provides chef or purchasing manager with a set of tools that will help (s)he faces the day to day challenges: Click here

Our WPF/inONE platform will help you gain time through the different tools put up front for you, as well as reducing your daily food purchase expenses. It is a win-win solution for our clients!

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If you want to have access to our platform, please fill out the subscription form below. We will send you a user-name, a password and an extended tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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