IT platform of World Premium Foods

Understanding the growing importance of IT in the hospitality industry, World Premium Foods partnered with a well-established IT company called inONE. We have become one of the only exclusive partner of inONE.

Our platform provides a set of tools specially designed and implemented to match the needs and facilitate the day to day life of a chef, or purchasing manager:

No interference : Our system can be used as a complement next to what or the way you are currently working. You get access to the platform through a username and password. Our IT platform is accessible through any devices (apps are available for phones and tablets). All you need is an internet connection!

User-friendly ordering platform : have access to a selected catalogue of products based on the suppliers you work with, or the suppliers that might be of interest to you (your interface is customized to your needs). It allows you to create favorite list per supplier. Ordering is done in just a few clicks!

Inventory: You can do your inventory directly in your cold storage. All the information will be synchronized once you have an internet connection again. This module helps you keep track, and value the stock you have in store.

Invoices: Each order generates an invoice. No needs to check prices while looking at your invoices anymore, the platform does it foryou. You control if it matches your packing slip, and can decide to accept the invoice or not.

Analysis and reporting: based on your billing and inventory, you see charts reflecting your activity per location (if you own several restaurants), per category of products (i.e. meat, dairy, fruit&vegtables, etc.), and per products (i.e. tenderloin 180gr, agata potatoes, melon cantaloupe, etc.) on a daily basis.

Accounting: All invoices affiliated with your registered suppliers are organized and arranged. You can view any invoices per suppliers, and print it on demand.

Menu engineering: each chef can create its own recipe. If the products used are linked to a registered suppliers, he/she will see the cost of its menu on a daily basis.

Mail order: useful tool if one of your suppliers is not yet affiliated. They will receive an email with your order listed.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Helpdesk 24/7: an IT specialist is available anytime of the week to answer your questions.
As of today, the platform is already used by 6,500 hotels and restaurants in Holland. Between 100,000 and 120,000 products are ordered  through the platform on a daily basis.

World Premium Foods is here to assist you on site. We organize special training to our new user, providing tutorials on how the ordering platform and its tools work. We answer first hand IT questions, and make sure you are fully satisfied by our solution.