Suppliers of World Premium Foods

Are you looking for new ways to broaden your customer base, to enter new markets, to increase your revenue? World Premium Foods is your solution.

We give you access to a local and international network of high-end customers. We connect you directly to your clients.

Your customers send you their orders on a centralized platform, all you need is an internet connection!

The orders go directly into your system, no more mistakes while entering an order. The time between the order placed and working on it is now reduced showing to your clients that you are quick to react promoting also the quality of your service.

Your customers will see your whole assortment of products and prices as provided giving you the advantage of educating them on all you can offer. World Premium Foods has absolutely no involvement in prices offered in the platform: the price you determine is the price customers pay.

It does not matter how many orders you receive, you now have one software to handle them. No more need to adjust your payroll based on seasonnality.

Your promotions are now seen on time on your clients’ interface. No need to spend time on the phone to make sure your clients are awared of them or send them emails that will most likely be unread or too late.

At last, the logistics, invoices and payment can be taken care of for you if desired.

Inscription with monthly fee per number of clients.

How it works

World Premium Foods offers you the opportunity to join a thriving and fast growing network of active players in the hospitality industry.

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